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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  May 19, 2013 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> ahead this morning, powerball fever. it the nation has at least one more powerball winner this morning. we'll tell you how much the lucky winner is taking home. >> and a woman is behind bars this morning, accused of murdering her husband. why her neighbors say this is not the first time to be called by police. >> welcome to fox5 this morning. the silver parkway in fredericksburg is closed this morning for the marine corps half marathon. the race got under way a half-hour ago. it could be a wet day for runners with chilly temperatures this time of year.
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it looks foggy as well. with a first check of your forecast, we're heading over to gwen tolbart. >> the fog is definitely out there. it's going to take a while before it gets out of the way. lots of clouds as well. the cloud coverage is very intense across the area. you can see to the south, we've got precipitation, and that's going to be heading our way. we got a bit of a break last night, but into the course of today, we'll see increasing showers and drizzle. some of you probably had to experience some of that as well. but that fog is definitely and certainly hampering visibility. here are the current temperatures. we're going to be warmer today than yesterday. not as warm as we were on friday when we hit temperatures into the 80's. be prepared for that. we're talking fog and drizzle. expect to see showers later on.
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the winds will be light across the region. i'm going to let you know how long this unsettled weather will stick around later with the full forecast. back to you. >> thank you. powerball fever has taken over the nation. just one ticket sold in florida matched all six numbers. here are the lucky numbers, 10, 13, 14, 22, 52, and the powerball, 11. it was nearly $600 million at the time of last night's drawing. the cash option stands at $376 million. the chances for winning were 1 and 175 million, a chance many in our area were more than willing to take. >> every time it gets over a huge amount, i buy 20. >> i had so many plans. buy a house for the winter in a warm place. >> there were dozens of tickets
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that matched the five numbers and not the powerball. the powerball jackpot is now back down to $40 million for wednesday's drawing. >> another d.c. councilmember has made it official in ward 6 for next mayor. he will join ward 4 councilmember muriel bowser who announced her campaign next week. >> residents are very concerned about the future of washington because we've had a crisis of ethics. people are working for corporations and special interests and not for us. >> the current mayor vin -- vin
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>> state republican leaders chose a convention rather than a primary to pick the nominees for statewide office. that process tends to attract the more fervent and conservative members of the party. >> we're at a time where conservative is good. where we're in very liberal times. i think we could use a little conservative in our lives. guest speaker louisiana bobby jindal took several swipes at the democratic nominee for the governor's race, terry mccall.
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>> the candidate's wife mentioned the long time pro-life beliefs. >> our next governor should be someone who respects human life at any stage. >> he promises to defend the u.s. constitutional. >> i was the first attorney in the nation to defend the federal health care law, right here in richmond. >> he also promised to maintain virginia's conservative business climate. >> do we want a governor who undermines our right to work laws or a governor who stands up for freedom to union bosses. >> virginia and new jersey are the two gubernatorial elections
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this year. expect budgets of money to flow into the campaigns. >> state senator has won the republican nomination for state attorney general. now comes 35 years after his party won the party's senate nomination. >> a woman is behind bars this morning, accused of shooting her husband to death. the sheriff's office says they were called to a home in sterling on blossom drive friday evening for reports of shots fired. they found 52-year-old corporal dead. the 42-year-old woman is charged with first-degree murder. police were called to the home before for domestic violence incidents. the couple's two children are in the care of neighbors.
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>> there's going to be triage on the bridge. triage on the bridge. i've got about 1,000 people on this bridge at this time and multiple who are critical. >> officials in southern virginia investigate what caused an elderly man plow into people during a parade. damascus is in the blue ridge near the tennessee line. 50 to 60 people were injured, some critically. damascus police say the driver's car, a 1997 cadillac, was in the parade when his car accelerated to 25 miles per hour. witnesses say the car went more than 100 feet before stopping. >> now to the latest on the commuter train collision in connecticut. investigators will be on the scene for several more days to try to figure out why one of the trains derailed, causing the crash. more than 70 people were hurt, three in critical condition.
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here's more >> investigators from the national transportation safety board plan to stay in connecticut more than a week. urging caution, ntsb officials won't play a guessing game on what caused the crash. >> we will not be determining the probable cause of the accident while on scene. >> an eastbound train out of new york's grand central derailing at the height of friday night's rush hour, slamming into a westbound train. >> there was tons of metal tossed around like toys. the insides of the cars are shattered. the scene is enormously violent. we may look back on this and count ourselves there were not more injuries. >> dozens before hurt. in the aftermath, first responders did their best to hoist injured passengers and
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crew to safety. some customers losing consciousness in the collision. >> they were asking the same question over and over again, where are we, what happened? we were on the train, it crashed. >> the real sustaining serious damage in the screeching crash, inspectors have plan to pluck the crippled trains from the tracks and has started an accident. the cars are going to be picked up, put on flat beds and moved to another location. >> officials from the ntsb downloaded information from speed, braking and other data from recorders on board both trains in an effort to figure out what went wrong. >> first lady michelle obama continues her season of commencement speeches, this time in nashville, tennessee. mrs. obama is telling graduates the importance of hard work and
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even failure when it comes to hard times in life. >> the ability to pick yourself up when you fall, those are some of the most important skills you need as you make your way through college and life. >> the high school is ranked among one of the best public schools in the nation for its high graduation rate. >> and still to come, a 21-year-old student is dead and police bullets are to blame. >> and the latest on the i.r.s. scandal taking the obama administration by storm. >> why officials are now questioning the woman in charge of the tax exempt division and her connection to the president's health care plan. we'll be right back. ight back.
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] this is a reason to look twice. this is a stunning work of technology. the 2013 lexus es and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> back now with a tragic story out of new york where police continue to investigate the death of a college student killed during a home invasion.
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a junior at hofstra university was killed by a police officer as she was held in a headlock by an intruder at gunpoint. >> two women say officer richard took them to another location after leaving a party thursday night and forced them to do drugs and assaulted them while using a gun. the 27-year-old was hailed a hero back in 2007 and this is the picture you see here, shot in the face during a traffic stop but managed to catch the suspect. >> the f.b.i. officials in washington state are searching an apartment that could be tied to a ricin investigation. earlier this week, two letters were intercepted at a post office. no arrests have been made and agents are not questioning
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anyone. >> the latest on the i.r.s. scandal. we're learning the woman in charge of the tax exempt division during the alleged targeting of conservative groups is one of the people in charge of implementing obama care which is sparking controversy of its own. >> democrats say there is not any evidence that sarah hall ingram knew that conservative groups were being targeted by the i.r.s. but republicans say she was the head of the whole tax exempt division of the tax agency and sounding the alarm she's heading up the i.r.s.' division of implementing obama care. >> given she just went from literally running the division while this whole fiasco was going on, now she's going to run the obama care enforcement division. it's scary. >> but joseph grant, her successor, didn't know about the
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targeting until after six months when ingram was tied to the i.r.s. scandal. >> i have heard that -- i don't know had her personally, but i have heard that she has a high degree of professionalism and not in a position of responsibility over these actions. >> the outgoing i.r.s. acting commissioner, steven miller, pushed out because of the scandal called ingram a, quote, suburb civil service. >> a new federal report shows inmates in several jails across the country face the highest abuse of abuse at the hands of guards.
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now to some of the stories expected to make headlines in the week ahead. it's a big week for the kid in all of us as microsoft is set to unveil the future of gaming while disney prepares to rock and roller coaster all night long. here's those stories and more. >> monday's ireland's prime minister is delivering the commencement speech at boston college's graduation. cardinal shaun o'malley says he'll boycott the ceremony because of the prime minister's support for pro abortion rights in ireland. and florida governor rick scott is going to keynote the annual party in florida. n florida.
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wednesday, releaese witherspoon heads to court. she faces disorderly conduct charges for allegedly talking back to officers during her husband's d.u.i. arrest in atlanta. she was in town working on the indy drama, "the good life." >> and friday disney is kicking off the summer by kicking all three theme parks open for 24 hours straight, starting at 6 a.m. >> coming up, more than a month after authorities arrested one of the boston marathon bombing suspects, prosecutors are asking for more time. but are they breaking federal law by doing so? we'll be right back. ♪
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>> next week could bring more testimony in the investigation into the u.s. consulate attack in benghazi. a white hous committee subpoenaed the head of the oversight review board that conducted the earlier investigation. republicans want more
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information about what happened including surveillance video. speaker john boehner is urging the administration to be completely transparent to reveal all information in the attack. >> the prosecutors in the boston marathon bombings wants more time. tsarnaev is charged with using weapons of mass destruction and could face the death penalty. >> summer storms in d.c. usually means southern power outages. now there's a billion-dollar plan that will bury the power lines. it will take seven years and customers will bear some of the costs. but officials are confident it will help keep the lights on. >> it's a summer storm few of us will ever forget, hitting hard and leaving many people, including the mayor, without power almost a week.
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>> i wound up staying at a hotel which was very expensive for me. i lost a lot of food in the process. >> executives hammered out a plan which they say will cost residential customers an average of 1.25 to $3.25 a month. they insist the rates to customers need to remain low. >> we heard figures of 10 to 20 to $30 a month which was untenable to the office of people's council. the fact that we were able to come up with a bill between 1.50 and 3.25 is unheard of. >> downtown d.c. and other neighborhoods already have underground power. not all lines will be buried, just main distribution lines where outages hurt the most. to save money, lines will be
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buried as many street renovations are under way. >> 3 foot deep and 4 foot wide is what it takes to put in a trench for pep co. >> commercial customers could see an increase of 5 to over 9%. the $1 billion will come from rate increases by the company and bonds connected to the district. >> our customers deserve this kind of an effort and what i think is going to be a really fundamental shift in what they're going to experience. >> and the plan must get approval from the d.c. council. the digging could begin by early next year. >> just ahead, the obama administration continues to juggle a series of major scandals. we'll have the latest of the investigations and their effect on obama's second term.
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gwen tolbart is in the studio and will be back with a look at the workweek schedule and whether the fog will stick around. we'll be right back. whether i'm telling people about how they could save money on car insurance with geico... yeah, a little bit more of the lime green love yeah... ...or letting them know they can reach geico 24/7 using the latest technology. go on, slather it all over. don't hold back, go on it's these high-definition televisions i'll tell ya' they show every wrinkle. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. [ male announcer ] the first look is only the beginning. ♪ ♪ this is a stunning work of technology. ♪
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>> the obama administration continues to battle a series of scandals. president obama has tried to do damage control. will the white house's strategy hold up under the pressure. and how will this impact a second term agenda. chris wallace is the host of fox news sunday and joins us with a preview of today's program. >> let me give you the weather report on capitol hill. it's foggy. >> yeah, no kidding. >> you see behind me is capitol hill, that's the capital dome. it's socked in here. >> yeah, you know, some could say perhaps that might be some sort of allegory for what's going on right now on capitol hill with the fog. we were talking about benghazi
8:31 am
and the i.r.s. was just starting to open up last sunday and now we have the a.p. issue. where do we begin? >> we just taped an interview with dan pfeiffer, the president's senior adviser, which we'll have on the top of the hour. he's frankly going out on all the sunday shows. our interview was pretty intense, you don't want to miss it, as we talk especially about the i.r.s. and benghazi and the effect all of this is having for the president on his second term. he wants to press ahead on immigration and jobs and all these other issues, but people around washington know when you get one scandal, let alone three of them, it sucks the oxygen out of the air and he's going to have a tough time getting washington to tend to his agenda. >> did he say anything about sort of what the mood is behind-the-scenes? it's one thing for the white house to be constantly
8:32 am
criticized by people they expect to criticize them, but when you have people like jon stewart and jay leno turning on the white house, it gets scary for them. >> well, supposedly, the white house chief of staff had a meeting with all the top staff this week and told them he wants them to spend only 10 -- no more then 10% of their time on the scandals. in other words, 90% of the time on these other issues. it's a nice thought and some people may be able to do it, but the folks on the fire line, there's no way they'll be able to do that. it's too enveloping and, quite frankly, the president's got to get ahead of the scandal and get ahead of the i.r.s., a.p. and benghazi and until he does, he's going to have a tough time. he can go out and make speeches. for instance, on friday he went to baltimore and made a big speech about energy and jobs and it got almost no coverage because everybody is focused on these scandaled. >> and on your show you're going
8:33 am
to have representative paul ryan. this is giving them some fuel. >> oh, absolutely. but, you know, it also has an impact because ryan, of course, was mitt romney's runningmate in the election. and the fact that the i.r.s. officials knew about the targeting of conservative groups, never told the white house about it, allegedly, the benghazi talking points, whether or not they misled people about what happened in benghazi, all of this was right when ryan was running against the president. one of the questions we'll have is do you think this was all done to try to beat you and mitt romney? it will be interesting to hearing from ryan. >> we also look forward to the interview with dan pfeiffer as well. >> and it's still foggy here. >> thank you, we'll let gwen tolbart know. volcanic activity in mexico to threaten the homes of 25 million
8:34 am
people. the country's national disaster prevention center is monitoring the volcano after it began spewing ash and gas a week ago. an estimated 50,000 residents from nearby villages are already preparing for a possible evacuation. some have already been given face masks and informed of evacuation routes. >> no volcanic ash here but chris wallace, the wannabe weatherman. >> i want to tell chris, mother nature is sharing that fog, everybody is dealing with it this morning. very much reduced visibility out there. be careful if you're heading out anywhere. let's take a look at our maps and show you what's going on. the clouds in full force across our area, take a look to the south. a lot of precipitation, and that's all headed our way in the course of a day. we'll see drizzle, light showers and we'll see the showers start to increase. keep the umbrella handy and be
8:35 am
careful of the fog. >> here's a look at the current temperatures. today will be a little warmer than it was yesterday. but fog and showers in our forecast for sure. here's the day planner. by midday, we'll start to see more of the shower activity. we're talking about a high of 70 degrees and overall, i want to tell you, we've got a lot of unsettled days ahead we're going to have to deal with. we were in the 80's on friday. then we dipped down to the 60's. now we're up to the 70's. mother nature is playing a crazy hand with us as far as the temperatures are concerned. in the long-range forecast, i've got more 80's to talk about again and some humidity. be prepared. >> my grass needs the water. >> yeah, we do need the rain. we're below. >> good. i'm happy about that. >> a dream wedding for a very deserving marine and his bride, courtesy of a community coming together to honor their hero. the marine corporal juan
8:36 am
dominguez lost his limbs when he stepped on a bomb. he says his wife asked him out on their first date. >> still to come, an interview with the "star trek" into the darkness director. we'll have the inside scoop. [ wind howling ] 
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>> in today 's spin, the film stars kristen stewart and robert pattenson have broken up. they're taking a break after four years together. they've been quite public about their romance, including stewart's cheating scandal with direct
8:40 am
director. they met on the set of the movie "twilight". >> "star trek" into darkness soaring into first place at the box office this weekend with the 3-d sequel starring chris pine and zoe saldana. it was directed by j.j. abrams. here's more. i feel like you make the score with the leading character. do you direct the score as you would an actor? >> it's funny. we have these sessions, our amazing composer, we go through and watch movies, and sort of spot where the music would go. there are moments i talk about the thing that i love for that piece of music to have or convey. it's not unlike what i might be saying after a scene or a
8:41 am
moment. but like grit actor, michael will come back with music that does what we talk about and elevates it and does something else you never would have thought of that really makes the moment more emotional or sophisticated or tense or suspense full or whatever it is. it's very much like working with an actor. an actor. >> it's one of those things that i literally ask our visual effects team to try to remove the flair so i can see her
8:42 am
performance. >> the shots where you see the bridge and it gets like -- and it shakes like crazy. >> when the enterprise is losing power and hobbles horribly and the ship starts to go sideways. as they're running to the walls, the whole sequence, when they're falling and sliding, none of the sets were moving. the entire sequence was done using camera tricks and people on wire rigs. that was an amazing thing to work on because you got to see this whole cast and the whole crew working together, amazing camera operation, to sell the idea of this whole massive ship going sideways. it was incredible to see that magic trick being performed by everyone. it was really fun.
8:43 am
>> "star trek" into darkness opened on wednesday and has earned $83 million so far. coming up, your serving of sports breakfast, including all the highlights to an unexpected win of the preakness. where the fan favorite orb finished for the day. >> we got plenty of fog out there this morning. if you haven't been out yet, take a look. if you're heading anywhere, be careful. visibility certainly impacts. drizzle and showers in the forecast. i'll have the details coming up after the break. stay with us. ♪ [ male announcer ] there are those who brighten your day... the same way the smooth, creamy taste of coffee-mate...
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>> it is powerball fever or perhaps it has broken. one ticket sold in florida matched all five numbers and the powerball. the jackpot was $590 million at the time of the drawing. the odds of winning were 1 in 175 million. and it is official. d.c. councilmember tommy wells is running to be the city's next
8:47 am
mayor. he made the announcement yesterday at a rally in northeast. he joins muriel bowser. he says his top priorities are improving access to schools in all wards and creating a better metro system for residents. >> and dozens of people are recovering this morning after an elderly driver crashed into a crowd of people at a parade in damascus virginia near the tennessee state line. the driver suddenly accelerated and pinned people under the car after barrelling through the crowds. the driver may have suffered a medical emergency. >> and turning to your weather now, a little bit of foggy skies out there this morning. >> yeah. >> and perhaps some wet weather in the forecast for the future. >> definitely. we do have it in the forecast in the future. we need the rain. we're below where we should be for the year so for. let's welcome it as we see nice green lawns out there and plenty
8:48 am
of flowers to help with it. let's get right to our weather and tell you what's going on. there is a shot outside from one of our cameras. you can see the fog in full force. it's been out there since the overnight hours. >> if you're heading out to morning services or anywhere else, maybe you're going down to check out the marine corps marathon. the fog is everywhere. be prepared for it. >> overall, we're talking fog and drizzle and showers, that's within our forecast and a little bit of drizzle and light showers last night. not a lot. some of you may be seeing a little bit more. things are going to change through the course of today. we have a chance of thunderstorms ahead as well. the temperatures, we're going to see more 80-degree days that's going to return. we had quite a dip from friday into yesterday. we've got 61 at dulles and manassas. 59 for winchester at this hour.
8:49 am
today will be a fairly mild day. you're going to feel it a little bit more with all the moisture. we've got a pretty good onshore flow pushing its way in. as well, we've got this precipitation pushing its way in from the south and it's going to start to become widespread through the course of the day. to the south of us, there's a chance of seeing storms pop up. be aware of that. as we take a look at other parts of the country, here we've got storms that are going to start to kick up as well from all the way to the north dakotas through texas. a ridge of high pressure is moving out. a stalled frontal system is going to move its way to the north, setting us up for showers and widespread showers over the course for today and tonight. keep the umbrella handy. here's a look at futurecast. by the time we get into probably around noon today, we're going
8:50 am
to see more of this this. as the afternoon progresses, it's going to fill in. monday is the chance for heavier rainfall and thunderstorms by the afternoon. by mid-afternoon, expect to see more showers. the high today will be 70 degrees. not bad at all. southeasterly winds, 10 to 15 to start off a bit but then they'll start to die down. fairly light winds through the course of the afternoon as the showers begin to increase. tonight, 64 degrees, widespread showers and once again, guess what, folks, that fog is going to return and it will be sticking around like an unwanted house guest. here's a look at the fox5 accuweather seven-day forecast. monday a chance for thunderstorms. we start to heat up, though. look at the temperatures rising to 85 degrees on tuesday. and 87 on wednesday. i wouldn't be surprised on wednesday if parts of our southern viewing area gets close to 90 degrees. we get a bit of a break on tuesday and wednesday as a ridge
8:51 am
of high pressure comes in knocking out the wet weather but we're back into the swing of it again with another frontal system on thursday and friday before we get back to dry conditions on saturday. overall today, keep the umbrella handy. let's check back in with melanie. >> and in this morning's sports breakfast, we begin with a major upset in baltimore. horse racing fans were hopeful that they would get to see crown favorite orb get one step closer to the coveted triple crown and on home turf. however, he was outrun by ox bow. osh never got comfortable. orb finished a disappointing fourth. in baltimore, we turn to baseball where the orioles hosted the tampa bay rays yesterday afternoon.
8:52 am
we go to the 9th inning, orioles up 6-5. bases loaded for the rays. the 0's fall 10-6. 10-6. >> this weekend is a special and exciting time as you know for thousands of university of maryland students. but it may also be a bit frustrating. that's because metro has closed the college park station this weekend at the same time the
8:53 am
2013 class is set to graduate. here's more on the conflict. >> the comcast center will be bursting with life and thousands of caps and gowns sunday, home to this year's university of maryland commencement. but getting there will not be as easy if it you're planning to take metro. metro. >> metro is closing the college park station this weekend, part of scheduled track work along this part of the green line. >> back in january, we issued a press release. we issued it and tried to do everything we could to make sure people were aware of our plans. >> i've heard the university only found out about it this week. i'm really disappointed in the university. they know these days for
8:54 am
commencement years in advance. 11 members of his family are coming to college park for the weekend. >> it seems like the university just assumed that metro would be open. >> university officials say it will all work out, just allow for extra time if using public transportation. says university shuttles will be running to and from campus and the college park station. metro says it will have plenty of buses available and doesn't expect there to be too much trouble, using last year's graduation day as a guide. >> it depends on your point of view. >> the added inconvenience of getting on the shuttle buses is really going to be a damper on the weekend. >> spokesman caroline lucas says metro needs to replace miles of track throughout its system and is building a new test track for the rail system along the green
8:55 am
line. >> on any given weekend, there's always something going on. there's always something happening in the city and unfortunately this is really critical work that just has to get done. >> now once the grads and their families get to the stadium, they'll have a nice surprise there. cal ripken jr., is giving the commencement address today for the ceremony. >> straight ahead, how casey the dog surprised his owner and why the marine says he owed it to his four-legged friend and pal to bring her home with him. [ male announcer ] yoyou know what's so awesome about the internet?
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>> it was a hero's reunion for a marine and his four-legged best friend casey. he said he would bring his bomb detecting canine casey back home to the states if he made it out of afghanistan alive. thanks to the iowa state department, that promise was fulfilled. the marine was actually surprised with the reunion. he thought it was going to be several more weeks before he saw the pup. a nice surprise there. and in honor of graduation weekend, a special congratulations to one california graduate.
8:59 am
90-year-old wally earned his masters degree in education from cal state this weekend. he's the oldest graduate in the state university system and it is his fourth degree from the school. he says he hopes he's an inspiration to other students. >> i love that. it just shows you always have more to learn. >> exactly. no matter your age, you can always do whatever you like. there you go. >> lots of fog out there this morning. be careful. widespread showers are moving in. as we move into the beginning of the week, thunderstorms in the forecast for your monday, heating up to 80 degrees, warmer on tuesday at 85. we'll see sunshine by then. the unsettled weather pattern is kicking back in throughout the course of the week. today we'll see plenty of fog if it you haven't looked out yet and widespread showers. keep the umbrella handy. >> thank you, gwen. stay with us for more. >> chris: i'm chris wallace. today the irs scandal.
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